What's New in the Oxford African American Studies Center

What's New: Fall 2018

Dispatch from the Editor

Editor in Chief Henry Louis Gates, Jr. reflects on African American history and progress in a new letter.

New Community Spotlight Articles

California (Keenan Norris, Editor)
The History of Black San Francisco

Chicago (John McCluskey, Editor)
Chicago, Negro League Baseball in

Cincinnati (Eric Jackson, Editor)
The Cincinnati Race Riots of 2001

Philadelphia (Richard Newman, Editor)
Philadelphia Soul Music
Philadelphia, Environmental Justice in

Miscellaneous (Steven Niven, Editor)
State of Mississippi v. Willie McGee

African American National Biography

The AANB has been updated with 50 new biographies:

Andrews, Inez
Baraka, Ajamu
Bass, Urbane F.
Beard, Annette
Bennett, Bessye Anita Warren
Burr, Seymour
Collins, Bootsy
Cordice, John Walter Vincent, Jr.
Davis, Willis "Bing"
DeLoach, Joe
Dillard, Harrison
Dow, John, Jr.
Ferris, William Henry
Gatlin, Justin Alexander
Gray, Darius Aidan
Harris, Major
Jennings, Thomas L., Sr.
Jennings Graham, Elizabeth
Johnson, Ruby
Junior, Marvin C.
Lambert, Donald
Land, Harold
Lee, Mary Elizabeth Ashe
Manus, Simon
Morton, James Thomas, Jr.
Patterson, Audrey
Peacock, Eulace
Person, Houston
Petersen, Frank E., Jr.
Powell, William Jenifer
Rainey, Patricia "Pat" Theresa
Scott, Egbert Theophilus
Smith, Calvin
Smith, Danyel
Smith-Bustill, Anna Amelia
Stokes, Frank
Taylor, Robert Rochon
Vick, Michael Dwayne
White, Jane
Wilson, James Lancelot

Dictionary of Caribbean and Afro-Latin American Biography

The DCALAB has been updated with 9 new biographies:

Ávarez Zayas, Adalberto
Camejo, María Francisca
Cordero Molina, Celestina
Cruz, Feliciana Ferreira da
D'Rivera, Paquito
Martinez, (Simon) Sam
Mittelhölzer, Edgar Austin
Valdés, Jesús

Dictionary of African Biography

The DAB has been updated with 6 new biographies:

Abu Zakariya Yahya
Bonilla family
Garrido, João
Goncalvez, Caterina
Ndoadidiki, Ne-Kinu a Mumemba

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