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Samuel R. Delany

African Americans in the Space Program

Today, African American men and women occupy some of NASA's highest ranks. But like other institutions, the space program needed bold pioneers and decades of political change to become more inclusive.

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Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

Henry Louis Gates, Jr.North Carolina has become a battleground for the major civil rights issues of the new century, from voter ID laws to the Affordable Care Act.

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Lesson Plans Country Profiles Focus On
Use the Oxford African American Studies Center to bring online learning into the classroom. Vital statistics and reference articles on countries that have been central to the history of Africans and African Americans. Explore photo essays on important events, people, and themes in African American history.


Jackie Booker

Allen High School in North Carolina graduated many accomplished students, including civil rights icon Nina Simone, but the end of segregation ironically undermined this proud institution.

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Fall 2014 Highlights
Lesson Plans

"The Cult of True Womanhood and Harriet Jacobs' Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl":While so many slave narratives focus on a quest to achieve freedom, Harriet Jacobs' memoir centers on her efforts to survive as a woman and a mother within the institution of slavery, thereby offering a glimpse of evolving gender relations in the nineteenth century. In this plan, Theresa Vara-Dannen examines this complex issue by comparing a variety of texts with Incidents in order to show the context and influence of Jacobs' work.

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Teacher Resources

Each year, high school students from the University of Connecticut Early College Experience take part in a semester-long research project in which they write biographies of prominent African Americans. This Teacher Resource shows how educators can lead similar research initiatives, and provides tips on evaluating online resources, comparing primary documents, and utilizing local libraries and archives.

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Interview with Brenda Stevenson

In light of the recent controversies over gun control and police brutality, Brenda Stevenson's acclaimed The Contested Murder of Latasha Harlins (OUP, 2013) is a powerful reminder of the social repercussions of violence and institutional racism. In it, Stevenson takes the reader to 1991 Los Angeles, and carefully examines the lives of three women at the center of a tragic shooting: an African American teenager, a Korean shop owner, and a Jewish Superior Court judge presiding over the case. In this interview, Stevenson discusses the research that went into her work, and how the death of Harlins set the stage for the riots that engulfed the city a year later.

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Guide to Reference Works

This new feature allows you to scroll through the tables of contents for each of the major reference works on the Oxford African American Studies Center, including the African American National Biography, Africana, Black Women in America, the Encyclopedia of African American History, as well as the newly added Dictionary of African Biography and the Encyclopedia of African Thought.

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